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Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix Merry Christmas

Kathy Howe, SedonaKathy, how2arizona real estate

Kathy Howe, SedonaKathy, how2arizona real estate

Merry Christmas!!

Talk with one of our agents about their marketing plans for you.

Talk with one of our agents about our buyer-agent representation.

Talk with our broker, who also runs a real estate school and teaches real estate to other agents.

Hire the best.  Hire a how2arizona real estate agent to represent you in your next sale or purchase of residential or investment properties.  Our agents are conscientious, attentive, and we all try to work as a team.

At this end of the year, we want you to know just how important the spiritual aspects of the holidays are to us.

Christmas is a mindset.  It’s a sense of love and spiritualism.

Faith is a blessing.  Believe.  In yourself.  In a higher power.  Believe.

Christmas is bringing together those who are most important in your life.  Christmas is a time to embrace forgiveness and to give to those who are less fortunate.  Christmas is about the birth of something greater than us.  Believe.  Thrive.  Prosper.

Merry Christmas!

Kathy Howe, Owner/Broker

  • how2arizona real estate LLC
  • 928-274-4088

Merry Christmas 2012

Oak Creek Canyon Properties For Sale

Kathy Howe SedonaKathy how2arizona real estate

12-10-12 Oak Creek Canyon report

Weekly report of Oak Creek Canyon Properties 12-20-12.

Listings, Sales, Pendings.

Area 40 in the SVVAR MLS to pull up canyon listings.

West Fork in the canyon.

Kathy Howe SedonaKathy  how2arizona real estate

Kathy Howe
how2arizona real estate LLC
Sedona, AZ

Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon


Sedona City Streets how2arizona real estate

Sedona City Streets  how2arizona real estate

Sedona City Street Map

The City of Sedona publishes online maps for streets.  In black are those streets that are maintained by the City, while the blue lines indicate those privately owned and maintained.

If you are buying a property in Sedona, it may be wise to have a survey done if you find that you own the street.  It is possible that your property line goes into the middle of the road.

If you click on the “maps for streets” it will link you to the City of Sedona site.  The purpose of the article is disclosure.  While most people live in areas where all streets are maintained by the city, many of Sedona’s are private.  Any repairs, resurfacing, or liability may be that of the owner.  Ask questions when you purchase.  Check with your insurance company.

Blue lines indicate private streets.

Sedona Private Streets how2arizona real estate

Blue:  Private Streets

The black lines indicate City-Maintained streets, while the blue lines indicate Private ones.

Suggestion:  if you are considering the purchase of a property with private streets, be certain to have a survey.  In many cases where there is no HOA, your new property line may run to the middle of the street.  So runs your maintenance and your liability.  Discuss the issue with your insurance agent.

West Sedona Streets how2arizona real estate

West Sedona Streets

Full disclosure is paramount to a happy real estate transaction.

Call me if I can be of assistance!  Kathy Howe – 928-274-4088

I’ll give you the name of the gentleman at the City of Sedona who can help you determine if your streets are city or private.



The Difference Between the Bronze and the Gold

money problems

money problems

A message for you and me.  A lady I most admire and met on Twitter just published this letter.

Hi Kathy: 

I just got back from the first part of a two-week speaking tour. I love talking to business and investor groups. It’s good to catch up on what’s been going on with some of the people I haven’t seen for a few years. 

Here’s the short version. Things got really bad. And then they got better. The rest of this email is going to be about two stories I heard, and the lessons I heard from these people that have bounced back. 

In the first case, it was a man who had sold a couple of successful businesses and was really set – big house, cars, boat and even his own plane. Then someone showed up with one more big idea and he bought in. It was a disastrous partnership. The guy wasn’t who he appeared to be and his problems pulled my friend down too. He lost everything but his family and a handful of true friends. 

I know there are a lot of people who got hit hard by the economic crash and real estate downturn. My friend said he knew he wasn’t the only person in this spot and he told me a story he’d heard that made all the difference for him. 

Two skiers in the Paraolympics skied downhill. Both were amputees. One fell, and got a bronze medal. The interesting point is that the gold medalist fell in exactly the same spot. So why did one get gold and one get bronze? 

The gold medalist got up faster.

We all fall. We all hit rough patches. You decide what you do with that. Winners get up faster. 

In the second case, a good friend of mine got caught up in a situation where a numbskull sued her. It’s made even worse because my friend had been trying to help this other person. Has that ever happened to you? You try to help someone who needs it, and then it all backfires. In this case, she got sued. She won the case. But it cost her over $100,000 in legal fees. There is no one to countersue to get her money back. 

I don’t know about you, but needing to find $100K to defend myself against a charge of something I didn’t do, would make me mad. And that would stop my progress. My friend embarked on a 28 day program of daily gratitude exercises to find the part in that experience that she could be grateful for. 

Whatever is stopping you now, whatever is keeping you up at night worrying and whatever knocked you down – you can get back up again. It all comes down to just doing it. To getting up one more time than you get knocked down. To turning your back on the hurts and hang-ups. 

Maybe all that’s stopping you is someone who believes in you. 

I believe in you. I know you can do it, because I have the experience of seeing so many others do it. 

In the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about a couple of new projects I’m taking on. If you want to follow what I’m doing, you’re welcome to do it. If you want to join one of my teams, I’d love to tell you more and we can jointly decide if it’s a good fit for you.


Diane Kennedy - CPA, Tax Strategist

P.S. Something heard over the weekend: “An excuse is the skin of a lie stuffed with reason.”
Like Diane, I believe in you.  Let me help you with your real estate needs – allow me to help you monetize your investment.



You can make it…


200 Bell Creek Way #3 Sedona, AZ

how2arizona real estate Bert Berkshire 200 Bell Creek Way #3 Sedona

Located in the Firecliff Subdivision an area of Village of Oak Creek, just outside of Sedona

how2arizona real estate Bert Berkshire 200 Bell Creek Way #3 Sedona

  • $449,000

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 4 baths

  • 2779 sqft

  • Built in 2006

  • Forced gas heating

  • 2 car garage

  • Open floorplan

Sedona Sedona how2arizona real estate Bert Berkshire

Great family room and a master bedroom with red rock views!

Call Bert Berkshire for your private showing:  928-300-3523

Or email Bert:


Arizona Cities and Towns

Counties of Arizona

Counties of Arizona

Click here for a list of Arizona Counties

Click here for the official Arizona State Map for Cities, Towns, Counties, Voting, Election Info…

Click here for the Arizona Census Map giving facts about each of Arizona’s cities and towns

Wikipedia has this list published of

Arizona Cities and Towns:


Name Type[12] County Population
Area (2010)[14] Density (2010)
Apache Junction City Pinal[a] 35,840 35.00 sq mi (90.6 km2) 1,024.2 1978
Avondale City Maricopa 76,238 45.65 sq mi (118.2 km2) 1,672.0 1946
Benson City Cochise 5,105 41.46 sq mi (107.4 km2) 123.3 1924
Bisbee[b] City Cochise 5,575 5.16 sq mi (13.4 km2) 1,080.3 1902
Buckeye Town Maricopa 50,876 375.39 sq mi (972.3 km2) 135.6 1929
Bullhead City City Mohave 39,540 60.18 sq mi (155.9 km2) 665.9 1984
Camp Verde Town Yavapai 10,873 43.15 sq mi (111.8 km2) 252.0 1986
Carefree Town Maricopa 3,363 8.81 sq mi (22.8 km2) 382.2 1986
Casa Grande City Pinal 48,571 109.67 sq mi (284.0 km2) 442.9 1915
Cave Creek Town Maricopa 5,015 37.92 sq mi (98.2 km2) 132.3 1986
Chandler City Maricopa 236,123 64.52 sq mi (167.1 km2) 3,665.8 1920
Chino Valley Town Yavapai 10,817 63.43 sq mi (164.3 km2) 170.7 1970
Clarkdale Town Yavapai 4,097 10.57 sq mi (27.4 km2) 393.1 1957
Clifton[b] Town Greenlee 3,311 15.0 sq mi (38.8 km2) 226.7 1909
Colorado City Town Mohave 4,821 10.34 sq mi (26.8 km2) 466.5 1985
Coolidge City Pinal 11,825 56.58 sq mi (146.5 km2) 209.3 1945
Cottonwood Town Yavapai 11,265 16.41 sq mi (42.5 km2) 686.5 1960
Dewey-Humboldt Town Yavapai 3,894 18.59 sq mi (48.1 km2) 209.5 2004
Douglas City Cochise 17,378 9.98 sq mi (25.8 km2) 1,741.0 1905
Duncan Town Greenlee 696 2.16 sq mi (5.6 km2) 323.0 1938
Eagar Town Apache 4,885 11.24 sq mi (29.1 km2) 434.9 1948
El Mirage City Maricopa 31,797 10.09 sq mi (26.1 km2) 3,170.7 1951
Eloy City Pinal 16,631 111.57 sq mi (289.0 km2) 149.1 1949
Flagstaff[b] City Coconino 65,870 63.91 sq mi (165.5 km2) 1,031.3 1894
Florence[b] Town Pinal 25,536 52.49 sq mi (135.9 km2) 486.9 1908
Fountain Hills Town Maricopa 22,489 20.42 sq mi (52.9 km2) 1,106.2 1989
Fredonia Town Coconino 1,314 7.32 sq mi (19.0 km2) 179.4 1956
Gila Bend Town Maricopa 1,922 55.37 sq mi (143.4 km2) 34.7 1962
Gilbert Town Maricopa 208,453 68.15 sq mi (176.5 km2) 3,067.2 1920
Glendale City Maricopa 226,721 60.13 sq mi (155.7 km2) 3,780.2 1910
Globe[b] City Gila 7,532 18.20 sq mi (47.1 km2) 414.2 1907
Goodyear City Maricopa 65,275 191.52 sq mi (496.0 km2) 340.9 1946
Guadalupe Town Maricopa 5,523 0.81 sq mi (2.1 km2) 6,833.0 1975
Hayden Town Gila 662 1.27 sq mi (3.3 km2) 523.2 1956
Holbrook[b] City Navajo 5,053 17.37 sq mi (45.0 km2) 291.3 1917
Huachuca City Town Cochise 1,853 2.81 sq mi (7.3 km2) 659.2 1958
Jerome Town Yavapai 444 0.86 sq mi (2.2 km2) 514.0 1889
Kearny Town Pinal 1,950 2.81 sq mi (7.3 km2) 706.0 1959
Kingman[b] City Mohave 28,068 34.82 sq mi (90.2 km2) 806.1 1952
Lake Havasu City City Mohave 52,527 44.48 sq mi (115.2 km2) 1,182.1 1978
Litchfield Park City Maricopa 5,476 3.34 sq mi (8.7 km2) 1,653.7 1987
Mammoth Town Pinal 1,426 1.04 sq mi (2.7 km2) 1,372.6 1958
Marana Town Pima 34,961 122.20 sq mi (316.5 km2) 287.8 1977
Maricopa City Pinal 43,482 47.57 sq mi (123.2 km2) 916.0 2003
Mesa City Maricopa 439,041 137.06 sq mi (355.0 km2) 3,217.5 1883
Miami Town Gila 1,837 0.88 sq mi (2.3 km2) 2,085.8 1918
Nogales[b] City Santa Cruz 20,837 20.84 sq mi (54.0 km2) 1,001.0 1893
Oro Valley Town Pima 41,011 35.64 sq mi (92.3 km2) 1,154.3 1974
Page City Coconino 7,247 16.64 sq mi (43.1 km2) 435.9 1975
Paradise Valley Town Maricopa 12,820 15.46 sq mi (40.0 km2) 830.9 1961
Parker[b] Town La Paz 3,083 21.99 sq mi (57.0 km2) 140.3 1948
Patagonia Town Santa Cruz 913 1.29 sq mi (3.3 km2) 709.1 1948
Payson Town Gila 15,301 19.47 sq mi (50.4 km2) 786.0 1973
Peoria City Maricopa[a] 154,065 177.97 sq mi (460.9 km2) 883.4 1954
Phoenix[b] City Maricopa 1,445,632 517.95 sq mi (1,341.5 km2) 2,797.8 1881
Pima Town Graham 2,387 5.93 sq mi (15.4 km2) 405.7 1916
Pinetop-Lakeside Town Navajo 4,282 11.37 sq mi (29.4 km2) 379.1 1984
Prescott[b] City Yavapai 39,843 41.58 sq mi (107.7 km2) 963.8 1883
Prescott Valley Town Yavapai 38,822 38.65 sq mi (100.1 km2) 1,004.4 1978
Quartzsite Town La Paz 3,677 36.72 sq mi (95.1 km2) 100.1 1989
Queen Creek Town Maricopa[a] 26,361 28.07 sq mi (72.7 km2) 940.1 1989
Safford[b] City Graham 9,566 8.59 sq mi (22.2 km2) 1,117.4 1901
Sahuarita Town Pima 25,259 31.04 sq mi (80.4 km2) 813.8 1994
San Luis City Yuma 25,505 32.10 sq mi (83.1 km2) 796.3 1979
Scottsdale City Maricopa 217,385 184.40 sq mi (477.6 km2) 1,182.0 1951
Sedona City Yavapai[a] 10,031 19.18 sq mi (49.7 km2) 524.1 1988
Show Low City Navajo 10,660 41.17 sq mi (106.6 km2) 260.4 1953
Sierra Vista City Cochise 43,888 152.54 sq mi (395.1 km2) 288.2 1956
Snowflake Town Navajo 5,590 33.58 sq mi (87.0 km2) 166.8 1948
Somerton City Yuma 14,287 7.30 sq mi (18.9 km2) 1,959.8 1918
South Tucson City Pima 5,652 1.04 sq mi (2.7 km2) 5,423.1 1940
Springerville Town Apache 1,961 11.69 sq mi (30.3 km2) 170.1 1948
St. Johns[b] City Apache 3,480 26.08 sq mi (67.5 km2) 134.3 1946
Star Valley Town Gila 1,970 36.13 sq mi (93.6 km2) 64.0 2005
Superior Town Pinal 2,837 1.94 sq mi (5.0 km2) 1,463.1 1976
Surprise City Maricopa 117,517 105.87 sq mi (274.2 km2) 1,111.3 1960
Taylor Town Navajo 4,112 32.67 sq mi (84.6 km2) 125.9 1966
Tempe City Maricopa 161,719 40.19 sq mi (104.1 km2) 4,050.1 1894
Thatcher Town Graham 4,865 6.13 sq mi (15.9 km2) 724.6 1899
Tolleson City Maricopa 6,545 5.75 sq mi (14.9 km2) 1,139.2 1929
Tombstone City Cochise 1,380 4.31 sq mi (11.2 km2) 319.9 1881
Tucson[b] City Pima 520,116 227.03 sq mi (588.0 km2) 2,294.2 1877
Tusayan Town Coconino 558 [c] 8.91 sq mi (23.1 km2[d] 62.6 2010
Wellton Town Yuma 2,882 28.93 sq mi (74.9 km2) 99.6 1970
Wickenburg Town Maricopa 6,363 18.77 sq mi (48.6 km2) 339.1 1909
Willcox City Cochise 3,757 6.28 sq mi (16.3 km2) 611.0 1915
Williams City Coconino 3,023 43.79 sq mi (113.4 km2) 69.6 1901
Winkelman Town Gila 353 0.75 sq mi (1.9 km2) 473.9 1949
Winslow City Navajo 9,655 12.35 sq mi (32.0 km2) 785.1 1900
Youngtown Town Maricopa 6,156 1.54 sq mi (4.0 km2) 4,016.1 1960
Yuma[b] City Yuma 93,064 120.41 sq mi (311.9 km2) 773.7 1914

[edit]Census-designated places


Name County Population
Area (2010)[14] Density (2010)
(if applicable)
Aguila Maricopa 798 1.57 sq mi (4.1 km2) 508.1
Ajo Pima 3,304 33.33 sq mi (86.3 km2) 99.1
Ak Chin Pima 30 0.53 sq mi (1.4 km2) 57.0 Tohono O’odham
Ak-Chin Village Pinal 862 10.58 sq mi (27.4 km2) 81.5 Ak-Chin
Alamo Lake La Paz 25 46.56 sq mi (120.6 km2) 0.6
Ali Chuk Pima 161 1.44 sq mi (3.7 km2) 111.7 Tohono O’odham
Ali Chukson Pima 132 2.07 sq mi (5.4 km2) 63.8 Tohono O’odham
Ali Molina Pima 71 0.77 sq mi (2.0 km2) 92.1 Tohono O’odham
Alpine Apache 145 0.6 sq mi (1.6 km2) 241.3
Amado Santa Cruz 295 5.27 sq mi (13.6 km2) 56.1
Anegam Pima 151 2.31 sq mi (6.0 km2) 65.3 Tohono O’odham
Antares Mohave 126 0.65 sq mi (1.7 km2) 194.8
Anthem Maricopa 21,700 7.99 sq mi (20.7 km2) 2,717.8
Arivaca Pima 695 27.78 sq mi (71.9 km2) 25.0
Arivaca Junction Pima 1,090 2.92 sq mi (7.6 km2) 372.9
Arizona City Pinal 10,475 6.18 sq mi (16.0 km2) 1,713.6
Arizona Village Mohave 946 1.59 sq mi (4.1 km2) 594.9 Fort Mojave
Arlington Maricopa 194 2.34 sq mi (6.1 km2) 82.8
Ash Fork Yavapai 396 2.31 sq mi (6.0 km2) 171.6
Avenue B and C Yuma 4,176 0.74 sq mi (1.9 km2) 5,681.5
Avra Valley Pima 6,050 22.19 sq mi (57.5 km2) 272.7
Aztec Yuma 47 6.16 sq mi (16.0 km2) 7.6
Bagdad Yavapai 1,876 7.98 sq mi (20.7 km2) 235.0
Bear Flat Gila 18 0.21 sq mi (0.5 km2) 85.4
Beaver Dam Mohave 1,962 8.42 sq mi (21.8 km2) 233.2
Beaver Valley Gila 231 1.50 sq mi (3.9 km2) 153.7
Beyerville Santa Cruz 177 0.33 sq mi (0.9 km2) 531.4
Bitter Springs Coconino 452 8.02 sq mi (20.8 km2) 56.3 Navajo
Black Canyon City Yavapai 2,837 24.27 sq mi (62.9 km2) 116.9
Blackwater Pinal 1,062 17.94 sq mi (46.5 km2) 59.2 Gila River
Bluewater La Paz 725 2.39 sq mi (6.2 km2) 349.0 Colorado River
Bouse La Paz 996 136.22 sq mi (352.8 km2) 7.3
Bowie Cochise 449 1.70 sq mi (4.4 km2) 264.7
Brenda La Paz 676 6.91 sq mi (17.9 km2) 97.8
Bryce Graham 175 0.84 sq mi (2.2 km2) 208.0
Buckshot Yuma 153 0.32 sq mi (0.8 km2) 505.9
Burnside Apache 537 9.28 sq mi (24.0 km2) 57.9 Navajo
Bylas Graham 1,962 4.40 sq mi (11.4 km2) 447.5 San Carlos Apache
Cactus Flats Graham 1,518 6.19 sq mi (16.0 km2) 247.1
Cactus Forest Pinal 594 2.73 sq mi (7.1 km2) 217.4
Cameron Coconino 885 18.72 sq mi (48.5 km2) 47.3 Navajo
Campo Bonito Pinal 74 4.02 sq mi (10.4 km2) 18.4
Cane Beds Mohave 448 8.29 sq mi (21.5 km2) 54.1
Canyon Day Gila 1,209 5.08 sq mi (13.2 km2) 240.7 Fort Apache
Carrizo Gila 127 9.05 sq mi (23.4 km2) 14.1 Fort Apache
Casa Blanca Pinal 1,388 15.79 sq mi (40.9 km2) 87.9 Gila River
Casa Adobes Pima 66,795 26.87 sq mi (69.6 km2) 2,496.9
Catalina Pima 7,569 14.11 sq mi (36.5 km2) 536.4
Catalina Foothills Pima 50,796 42.11 sq mi (109.1 km2) 1,209.2
Cedar Creek Gila 318 17.04 sq mi (44.1 km2) 18.7 Fort Apache
Centennial Park Mohave 1,264 2.17 sq mi (5.6 km2) 582.8
Central Graham 645 1.89 sq mi (4.9 km2) 341.8
Central Heights-Midland City Gila 2,534 1.94 sq mi (5.0 km2) 1,303.1
Charco Pima 52 0.93 sq mi (2.4 km2) 55.9 Tohono O’odham
Chiawuli Tak Pima 78 2.43 sq mi (6.3 km2) 32.0 Tohono O’odham
Chilchinbito Navajo 506 23.77 sq mi (61.6 km2) 21.3 Navajo
Chinle Apache 4,518 16.05 sq mi (41.6 km2) 281.9 Navajo
Chloride Mohave 271 1.51 sq mi (3.9 km2) 179.8
Christopher Creek Gila 156 3.03 sq mi (7.8 km2) 51.4
Chuichu Pinal 269 6.87 sq mi (17.8 km2) 39.2 Tohono O’odham
Cibecue Navajo 1,713 5.97 sq mi (15.5 km2) 286.9 Fort Apache
Cibola La Paz 250 20.19 sq mi (52.3 km2) 12.8
Cienega Springs La Paz 1,798 20.19 sq mi (52.3 km2) 12.8
Citrus Park Maricopa 4,028 5.80 sq mi (15.0 km2) 695.1
Clacks Canyon Mohave 173 3.32 sq mi (8.6 km2) 52.1
Claypool Gila 1,538 1.18 sq mi (3.1 km2) 1,308.9
Clay Springs Navajo 401 2.85 sq mi (7.4 km2) 140.9
Comobabi Pima 8 1.15 sq mi (3.0 km2) 7 Tohono O’odham
Concho Apache 38 0.45 sq mi (1.2 km2) 85.3
Congress Yavapai 1,975 37.69 sq mi (97.6 km2) 52.4
Copper Hill Gila 108 7.35 sq mi (19.0 km2) 14.7
Cordes Lakes Yavapai 2,633 10.81 sq mi (28.0 km2) 243.6
Cornfields Apache 255 0.39 sq mi (1.0 km2) 659.3 Navajo
Cornville Yavapai 3,280 13.20 sq mi (34.2 km2) 248.4
Corona de Tucson Pima 5,675 6.09 sq mi (15.8 km2) 932.2
Cottonwood Apache 226 0.14 sq mi (0.4 km2) 1,578.4 Navajo
Cowlic Pima 135 0.80 sq mi (2.1 km2) 168.8 Tohono O’odham
Crozier Mohave 14 1.05 sq mi (2.7 km2) 13.3
Crystal Beach Mohave 279 0.34 sq mi (0.9 km2) 824.6
Cutter Gila 74 0.83 sq mi (2.1 km2) 89.6 San Carlos Apache
Dateland Yuma 416 22.09 sq mi (57.2 km2) 18.8
Deer Creek Gila 216 1.74 sq mi (4.5 km2) 123.9
Del Muerto Apache 329 0.99 sq mi (2.6 km2) 332.2 Navajo
Dennehotso Apache 746 9.96 sq mi (25.8 km2) 75.0 Navajo
Desert Hills Mohave 2,245 4.90 sq mi (12.7 km2) 521.0
Dilkon Navajo 1,184 16.60 sq mi (43.0 km2) 71.3 Navajo
Dolan Springs Mohave 2,033 58.12 sq mi (150.5 km2) 35.0
Doney Park Coconino 5,395 14.96 sq mi (38.7 km2) 360.7
Donovan Estates Yuma 1,508 0.12 sq mi (0.3 km2) 12,430.8
Dragoon Cochise 209 1.75 sq mi (4.5 km2) 119.4
Drexel Heights Pima 27,749 20.20 sq mi (52.3 km2) 1,373.9 Pascua Yaqui[e]
Dripping Springs Gila 235 6.70 sq mi (17.4 km2) 35.1
Drysdale Yuma 272 0.16 sq mi (0.4 km2) 1,662.6
Dudleyville Pinal 959 6.71 sq mi (17.4 km2) 143.0
East Fork Navajo 699 1.94 sq mi (5.0 km2) 360.4 Fort Apache
East Globe Gila 226 3.45 sq mi (8.9 km2) 65.6 San Carlos Apache
East Verde Estates Gila 170 2.50 sq mi (6.5 km2) 67.9
Ehrenberg La Paz 1,470 12.13 sq mi (31.4 km2) 123.3
El Capitan Gila 37 6.08 sq mi (15.7 km2) 6.1
Elephant Head Pima 612 7.43 sq mi (19.2 km2) 82.4
Elfrida Cochise 459 3.83 sq mi (9.9 km2) 119.7
Elgin Santa Cruz 161 5.95 sq mi (15.4 km2) 27.1
El Prado Estates Yuma 504 0.97 sq mi (2.5 km2) 520.3
First Mesa Navajo 1,555 15.75 sq mi (40.8 km2) 98.8 Hopi
Flowing Springs Gila 42 1.71 sq mi (4.4 km2) 24.6
Flowing Wells Pima 16,419 4.02 sq mi (10.4 km2) 4,084.5
Fort Apache Navajo 143 125.7 sq mi (325.6 km2) 125.7 Fort Apache
Fort Defiance Apache 3,624 6.10 sq mi (15.8 km2) 594.2 Navajo
Fort Mohave Mohave 14,364 16.70 sq mi (43.3 km2) 860.4 Fort Mojave
Fort Thomas Graham 374 8.67 sq mi (22.5 km2) 43.1
Fort Valley Coconino 779 7.64 sq mi (19.8 km2) 101.9
Fortuna Foothills Yuma 26,265 40.17 sq mi (104.0 km2) 653.8
Franklin Greenlee 92 1.00 sq mi (2.6 km2) 91.8
Freedom Acres Gila 84 1.75 sq mi (4.5 km2) 47.9
Gadsden Yuma 678 1.96 sq mi (5.1 km2) 345.6
Ganado Apache 1,210 9.15 sq mi (23.7 km2) 132.3 Navajo
Geronimo Estates Gila 60 1.32 sq mi (3.4 km2) 45.4
Gila Crossing Maricopa 621 0.87 sq mi (2.3 km2) 714.5 Gila River
Gisela Gila 570 2.88 sq mi (7.5 km2) 199.2
Gold Canyon Pinal 10,159 22.39 sq mi (58.0 km2) 453.7
Golden Shores Mohave 2,047 8.14 sq mi (21.1 km2) 251.6
Golden Valley Mohave 8,370 78.74 sq mi (203.9 km2) 106.3
Goodyear Village Pinal 457 3.36 sq mi (8.7 km2) 136.1 Gila River
Grand Canyon Village Coconino 2,004 13.40 sq mi (34.7 km2) 149.5
Grand Canyon West Mohave 2 17.60 sq mi (45.6 km2) 0.1 Hualapai
Greasewood Navajo 547 5.35 sq mi (13.9 km2) 102.4 Navajo
Green Valley Pima 21,391 32.26 sq mi (83.6 km2) 663.4
Greer Apache 41 0.53 sq mi (1.4 km2) 77.7
Gu Oidak Pima 188 7.09 sq mi (18.4 km2) 26.5 Tohono O’odham
Hackberry Mohave 68 17.59 sq mi (45.6 km2) 3.9
Haigler Creek Gila 19 1.61 sq mi (4.2 km2) 11.8
Haivana Nakya Pima 96 1.86 sq mi (4.8 km2) 51.6 Tohono O’odham
Hard Rock Navajo 94 5.92 sq mi (15.3 km2) 15.9 Hopi/Navajo
Heber-Overgaard Navajo 2,822 6.86 sq mi (17.8 km2) 411.2
Hondah Navajo 812 12.28 sq mi (31.8 km2) 66.3 Fort Apache
Hotevilla-Bacavi Navajo 957 11.76 sq mi (30.5 km2) 81.4 Hopi
Houck Apache 1,024 42.28 sq mi (109.5 km2) 24.1 Navajo
Hunter Creek Gila 48 2.20 sq mi (5.7 km2) 21.8
Icehouse Canyon Gila 677 4.90 sq mi (12.7 km2) 138.1
Indian Wells Navajo 255 10.40 sq mi (26.9 km2) 24.5 Navajo
Jakes Corner Gila 76 1.42 sq mi (3.7 km2) 53.5
Jeddito Navajo 293 5.42 sq mi (14.0 km2) 54.1 Navajo
Joseph City Navajo 1,386 7.41 sq mi (19.2 km2) 187.3
Kachina Village Coconino 2,622 1.22 sq mi (3.2 km2) 2,144.4
Kaibab Mohave 124 6.46 sq mi (16.7 km2) 19.2 Kaibab Paiute
Kaibito Coconino 1,522 15.90 sq mi (41.2 km2) 95.7 Navajo
Kaka Maricopa 141 0.26 sq mi (0.7 km2) 545.0 Tohono O’odham
Katherine Mohave 103 4.62 sq mi (12.0 km2) 27.2
Kayenta Navajo 5,189 13.24 sq mi (34.3 km2) 393.9 Navajo
Keams Canyon Navajo 304 16.65 sq mi (43.1 km2) 18.3 Hopi
Kino Springs Santa Cruz 136 0.26 sq mi (0.7 km2) 526.3
Klagetoh Apache 242 0.34 sq mi (0.9 km2) 722.8 Navajo
Kohatk Pinal 27 0.10 sq mi (0.3 km2) 275.3 Tohono O’odham
Kohls Ranch Gila 46 1.17 sq mi (3.0 km2) 39.3
Komatke Maricopa 821 2.24 sq mi (5.8 km2) 366.5 Gila River
Ko Vaya Pima 46 1.10 sq mi (2.8 km2) 41.8 Tohono O’odham
Kykotsmovi Village Navajo 746 16.93 sq mi (43.8 km2) 44.1 Hopi
Lake Montezuma Yavapai 4,706 12.04 sq mi (31.2 km2) 391.1 Yavapai-Apache
Lake of the Woods Navajo 4,094 4.14 sq mi (10.7 km2) 1,032.4
La Paz Valley La Paz 699 29.33 sq mi (76.0 km2) 23.8
Lazy Y U Mohave 248 15.71 sq mi (40.7 km2) 27.2
LeChee Coconino 1,443 16.60 sq mi (43.0 km2) 86.9 Navajo
Leupp Coconino 951 13.56 sq mi (35.1 km2) 70.2 Navajo
Linden Navajo 2,597 30.48 sq mi (78.9 km2) 85.2
Littlefield Mohave 308 11.96 sq mi (31.0 km2) 25.7
Littletown Pima 873 0.12 sq mi (0.3 km2) 7,006.7
Low Mountain Navajo 757 36.90 sq mi (95.6 km2) 20.5 Hopi/Navajo
Lower Santan Village Pinal 374 4.15 sq mi (10.7 km2) 90.0 Gila River
Lukachukai Apache 1,701 22.02 sq mi (57.0 km2) 77.4 Navajo
Lupton Apache 25 0.35 sq mi (0.9 km2) 71.8 Navajo
McConnico Mohave 70 6.56 sq mi (17.0 km2) 10.7
McNary Apache/Navajo 528 5.57 sq mi (14.4 km2) 96.1 Fort Apache
McNeal Cochise 238 3.75 sq mi (9.7 km2) 63.5
Maish Vaya Pima 158 4.24 sq mi (11.0 km2) 37.3 Tohono O’odham
Many Farms Apache 1,348 8.18 sq mi (21.2 km2) 165.3 Navajo
Maricopa Colony Maricopa 709 5.57 sq mi (14.4 km2) 127.3 Gila River
Martinez Lake Yuma 798 9.14 sq mi (23.7 km2) 97.6
Mayer Yavapai 1,497 20.08 sq mi (52.0 km2) 74.6
Mead Ranch Gila 38 0.60 sq mi (1.6 km2) 63.6
Meadview Mohave 1,224 31.04 sq mi (80.4 km2) 39.4
Mesa del Caballo Gila 765 0.32 sq mi (0.8 km2) 2,428.5
Mescal Cochise 1,812 4.87 sq mi (12.6 km2) 372.8
Mesquite Creek Mohave 416 1.01 sq mi (2.6 km2) 410.2 Fort Mojave
Miracle Valley Cochise 644 0.55 sq mi (1.4 km2) 1,177.0
Moccasin Mohave 89 0.77 sq mi (2.0 km2) 116.2 Kaibab Paiute[e]
Moenkopi Coconino 964 1.50 sq mi (3.9 km2) 188.9 Hopi
Mohave Valley Mohave 2,616 14.04 sq mi (36.4 km2) 186.5 Fort Mojave[e]
Mojave Ranch Estates Mohave 52 0.75 sq mi (1.9 km2) 69.5 Fort Mojave
Morenci Greenlee 1,489 0.98 sq mi (2.5 km2) 1,549.2
Morristown Maricopa 227 0.81 sq mi (2.1 km2) 281.5
Mountainaire Coconino 1,119 10.20 sq mi (26.4 km2) 109.8
Munds Park Coconino 631 22.29 sq mi (57.7 km2) 28.4
Naco Cochise 1,046 3.30 sq mi (8.5 km2) 316.8
Nazlini Apache 489 7.46 sq mi (19.3 km2) 65.6 Navajo
Nelson Pima 259 0.44 sq mi (1.1 km2) 588.3
New Kingman-Butler Mohave 12,134 4.97 sq mi (12.9 km2) 2,441.8
New River Maricopa 14,952 55.76 sq mi (144.4 km2) 268.2
Nolic Pima 37 0.52 sq mi (1.3 km2) 70.8 Tohono O’odham
North Fork Navajo 1,417 61.62 sq mi (159.6 km2) 23.0 Fort Apache
Nutrioso Apache 26 0.31 sq mi (0.8 km2) 84.6
Oak Springs Apache 63 0.19 sq mi (0.5 km2) 338.9 Navajo
Oatman Mohave 135 0.19 sq mi (0.5 km2) 703.0
Oljato-Monument Valley Navajo 154 12.42 sq mi (32.2 km2) 12.4 Navajo
Oracle Pinal 3,686 16.41 sq mi (42.5 km2) 224.7
Orange Grove Mobile Manor Yuma 594 0.06 sq mi (0.2 km2) 9,478.5
Oxbow Estates Gila 217 0.49 sq mi (1.3 km2) 442.0
Padre Ranchitos Yuma 171 0.29 sq mi (0.8 km2) 589.4
Palominas Cochise 212 1.93 sq mi (5.0 km2) 110.0
Parker Strip La Paz 662 4.16 sq mi (10.8 km2) 212.0
Parks Coconino 1,188 172.36 sq mi (446.4 km2) 6.9
Paulden Yavapai 5,231 57.06 sq mi (147.8 km2) 91.7
Peach Springs Mohave 1,090 7.91 sq mi (20.5 km2) 137.7 Hualapai
Peeples Valley Yavapai 428 15.14 sq mi (39.2 km2) 28.3
Peridot Gila/Graham 1,350 5.16 sq mi (13.4 km2) 261.8 San Carlos Apache
Picacho Pinal 471 6.35 sq mi (16.4 km2) 74.1
Picture Rocks Pima 9,563 70.88 sq mi (183.6 km2) 134.9
Pimaco Two Pima 682 4.54 sq mi (11.8 km2) 150.2
Pinal Gila 439 0.44 sq mi (1.1 km2) 1,001.5
Pine Gila 1,963 32.42 sq mi (84.0 km2) 60.6
Pine Lake Mohave 138 1.69 sq mi (4.4 km2) 81.8
Pinedale Navajo 487 9.68 sq mi (25.1 km2) 50.3
Pinetop Country Club Navajo 1,794 6.75 sq mi (17.5 km2) 265.7
Pinion Navajo 904 6.49 sq mi (16.8 km2) 139.5 Navajo
Pinion Pines Mohave 186 1.50 sq mi (3.9 km2) 123.8
Pirtleville Cochise 1,744 1.87 sq mi (4.8 km2) 930.8
Pisinemo Pima 321 2.27 sq mi (5.9 km2) 141.5 Tohono O’odham
Poston La Paz 285 1.36 sq mi (3.5 km2) 209.1 Colorado River
Queen Valley Pinal 788 9.74 sq mi (25.2 km2) 80.9
Rainbow City Navajo 968 2.18 sq mi (5.6 km2) 444.5 Fort Apache
Rancho Mesa Verde Yuma 625 0.11 sq mi (0.3 km2) 5,565.3
Red Mesa Apache 480 12.85 sq mi (33.3 km2) 37.4 Navajo
Red Rock Apache 169 1.17 sq mi (3.0 km2) 145.0 Navajo
Red Rock Pinal 2,169 47.31 sq mi (122.5 km2) 45.9
Rillito Pima 97 0.07 sq mi (0.2 km2) 1,372.4
Rincon Valley Pima 5,139 27.83 sq mi (72.1 km2) 184.6
Rio Rico Santa Cruz 18,962 62.44 sq mi (161.7 km2) 304.6
Rio Verde Maricopa 1,811 5.05 sq mi (13.1 km2) 359.1
Rock House Gila 50 0.64 sq mi (1.7 km2) 82.2
Rock Point Apache 642 14.18 sq mi (36.7 km2) 45.3 Navajo
Roosevelt Gila 28 3.09 sq mi (8.0 km2) 9.1
Rough Rock Apache 414 12.79 sq mi (33.1 km2) 32.4 Navajo
Round Rock Apache 789 14.35 sq mi (37.2 km2) 55.4 Navajo
Round Valley Gila 487 4.79 sq mi (12.4 km2) 101.8
Rye Gila 77 0.51 sq mi (1.3 km2) 151.3
Sacate Village Pinal 169 3.48 sq mi (9.0 km2) 48.5 Gila River
Sacaton Pinal 2,672 8.12 sq mi (21.0 km2) 329.0 Gila River
Sacaton Flats Village Pinal 541 6.24 sq mi (16.2 km2) 86.8 Gila River
Saddlebrooke Pinal 9,614 29.29 sq mi (75.9 km2) 328.2
St. David Cochise 1,699 5.34 sq mi (13.8 km2) 319.0
St. Johns Maricopa 476 2.28 sq mi (5.9 km2) 208.7 Gila River
St. Michaels Apache 1,443 3.82 sq mi (9.9 km2) 377.9 Navajo
Salome La Paz 1,530 33.33 sq mi (86.3 km2) 45.9
San Carlos Gila 4,038 8.58 sq mi (22.2 km2) 470.8 San Carlos Apache
San Jose Graham 506 4.21 sq mi (10.9 km2) 120.6
San Manuel Pinal 3,551 20.75 sq mi (53.7 km2) 171.4 Tohono O’odham
San Miguel Pima 197 5.65 sq mi (14.6 km2) 34.9
San Simon Cochise 165 0.70 sq mi (1.8 km2) 235.8
San Tan Valley Pinal 81,321 35.78 sq mi (92.7 km2) 2,272.7
Sanders Apache 630 2.39 sq mi (6.2 km2) 263.1 Navajo[e]
Santa Cruz Pinal 37 1.63 sq mi (4.2 km2) 22.7 Gila River
Santa Rosa Pima 628 6.55 sq mi (17.0 km2) 95.9 Tohono O’odham
Sawmill Apache 748 5.77 sq mi (14.9 km2) 129.7 Navajo
Scenic Mohave 1,643 16.50 sq mi (42.7 km2) 100.1
Seba Dalkai Navajo 136 15.13 sq mi (39.2 km2) 9.0 Navajo
Second Mesa Navajo 962 40.14 sq mi (104.0 km2) 24.0 Hopi
Sehili Apache 135 0.65 sq mi (1.7 km2) 207.1 Navajo
Seligman Yavapai 445 6.41 sq mi (16.6 km2) 69.4
Sells Pima 2,495 9.50 sq mi (24.6 km2) 262.8 Tohono O’odham
Seven Mile Navajo 707 2.27 sq mi (5.9 km2) 312.4 Fort Apache
Shongopovi Navajo 831 1.59 sq mi (4.1 km2) 523.7 Hopi
Shonto Navajo 591 4.56 sq mi (11.8 km2) 129.7 Navajo
Sierra Vista Southeast Cochise 14,797 110.92 sq mi (287.3 km2) 133.4
Six Shooter Canyon Gila 1,019 2.92 sq mi (7.6 km2) 349.4
So-Hi Mohave 477 0.88 sq mi (2.3 km2) 544.7
Solomon Graham 426 0.21 sq mi (0.5 km2) 2,045.6
Sonoita Santa Cruz 818 10.56 sq mi (27.4 km2) 77.5
South Komelik Pima 111 3.90 sq mi (10.1 km2) 28.5 Tohono O’odham
Spring Valley Yavapai 1,148 10.58 sq mi (27.4 km2) 108.5
Stanfield Pinal 740 3.95 sq mi (10.2 km2) 187.9
Steamboat Apache 284 2.40 sq mi (6.2 km2) 118.6 Navajo
Stotonic Village Pinal 659 4.95 sq mi (12.8 km2) 133.0 Gila River
Strawberry Gila 961 9.47 sq mi (24.5 km2) 101.6
Summerhaven Pima 40 4.54 sq mi (11.8 km2) 8.8
Summit Pima 5,372 4.49 sq mi (11.6 km2) 1,196.6
Sun City Maricopa 37,499 14.54 sq mi (37.7 km2) 2,610.5
Sun City West Maricopa 24,535 10.94 sq mi (28.3 km2) 2,245.1
Sun Lakes Maricopa 13,975 5.34 sq mi (13.8 km2) 2,628.8
Sun Valley Navajo 316 31.61 sq mi (81.9 km2) 10.0
Sunizona Cochise 281 8.48 sq mi (22.0 km2) 33.1
Sunwest La Paz 15 24.25 sq mi (62.8 km2) 0.6
Supai Coconino 208 1.73 sq mi (4.5 km2) 120.2 Havasupai
Sweet Water Village Pinal 83 0.80 sq mi (2.1 km2) 103.8 Gila River
Swift Trail Junction Graham 2,935 3.70 sq mi (9.6 km2) 800.2
Tacna Yuma 602 1.92 sq mi (5.0 km2) 313.3
Tanque Verde Pima 16,901 32.98 sq mi (85.4 km2) 512.5
Tat Momoli Pinal 10 0.93 sq mi (2.4 km2) 10.8 Tohono O’odham
Teec Nos Pos Apache 730 14.30 sq mi (37.0 km2) 51.1 Navajo
Tees Toh Navajo 448 17.00 sq mi (44.0 km2) 26.3 Navajo
Theba Maricopa 158 0.62 sq mi (1.6 km2) 254.2
Three Points Pima 5,581 46.42 sq mi (120.2 km2) 120.2
Tolani Lake Coconino 280 0.43 sq mi (1.1 km2) 655.1 Navajo
Tonalea Coconino 549 9.93 sq mi (25.7 km2) 55.3 Navajo
Tonopah Maricopa 60 1.37 sq mi (3.5 km2) 43.9
Tonto Basin Gila 1,424 31.32 sq mi (81.1 km2) 45.5
Tonto Village Gila 256 0.33 sq mi (0.9 km2) 765.7
Topawa Pima 299 5.16 sq mi (13.4 km2) 58.0 Tohono O’odham
Topock Mohave 10 0.26 sq mi (0.7 km2) 38.5
Top-of-the-World Gila/Pinal 231 6.06 sq mi (15.7 km2) 38.1
Toyei Apache 13 0.33 sq mi (0.9 km2) 40.0 Navajo
Truxton Mohave 134 3.82 sq mi (9.9 km2) 35.5
Tsaile Apache 1,205 6.00 sq mi (15.5 km2) 202.5 Navajo
Tubac Santa Cruz 1,191 10.80 sq mi (28.0 km2) 110.3
Tuba City Coconino 8,611 8.97 sq mi (23.2 km2) 959.5 Navajo
Tucson Estates Pima 12,192 13.00 sq mi (33.7 km2) 938.1
Tumacacori-Carmen Santa Cruz 393 1.97 sq mi (5.1 km2) 200.1
Turkey Creek Navajo 294 0.82 sq mi (2.1 km2) 357.8 Fort Apache
Upper Santan Village Pinal 495 7.06 sq mi (18.3 km2) 70.1 Gila River
Utting La Paz 126 26.47 sq mi (68.6 km2) 4.8
Vail Pima 10,208 22.66 sq mi (58.7 km2) 450.5
Vaiva Vo Pinal 128 0.46 sq mi (1.2 km2) 277.8 Tohono O’odham
Valencia West Pima 9,355 10.44 sq mi (27.0 km2) 896.3
Valentine Mohave 38 1.59 sq mi (4.1 km2) 23.8 Hualapai
Valle Coconino 832 243.89 sq mi (631.7 km2) 3.4
Valle Vista Mohave 1,659 11.99 sq mi (31.1 km2) 138.4
Ventana Pima 49 1.04 sq mi (2.7 km2) 47.3 Tohono O’odham
Verde Village Yavapai 11,605 6.98 sq mi (18.1 km2) 1,662.5
Vernon Apache 122 0.57 sq mi (1.5 km2) 215.6
Vicksburg La Paz 597 142.93 sq mi (370.2 km2) 4.2
Village of Oak Creek Yavapai 6,147 5.26 sq mi (13.6 km2) 1,169.4
Wagon Wheel Navajo 1,652 3.08 sq mi (8.0 km2) 570.5
Wahak Hotrontk Pima 114 1.54 sq mi (4.0 km2) 74.0 Tohono O’odham
Wall Lane Yuma 415 0.44 sq mi (1.1 km2) 952.2
Walnut Creek Mohave 562 1.53 sq mi (4.0 km2) 366.2
Washington Park Gila 70 2.62 sq mi (6.8 km2) 26.7
Wellton Hills Yuma 258 0.64 sq mi (1.7 km2) 403.5
Wenden La Paz 728 14.95 sq mi (38.7 km2) 48.7
Wet Camp Village Pinal 229 4.40 sq mi (11.4 km2) 52.0 Gila River
Wheatfields Gila 785 8.06 sq mi (20.9 km2) 97.4
Whetstone Cochise 2,617 11.91 sq mi (30.8 km2) 219.8
Whispering Pines Gila 148 0.43 sq mi (1.1 km2) 344.8
White Hills Mohave 323 51.92 sq mi (134.5 km2) 6.2
White Mountain Lake Navajo 2,205 24.25 sq mi (62.8 km2) 92.1
Whitecone Navajo 817 45.11 sq mi (116.8 km2) 18.1 Navajo
Whiteriver Navajo 4,104 15.78 sq mi (40.9 km2) 261.9 Fort Apache
Why Pima 167 8.96 sq mi (23.2 km2) 18.6 Tohono O’odham[e]
Wide Ruins Apache 176 0.39 sq mi (1.0 km2) 449.8 Navajo
Wikieup Mohave 133 4.44 sq mi (11.5 km2) 30.0
Wilhoit Yavapai 868 15.69 sq mi (40.6 km2) 55.3
Williamson Yavapai 5,438 56.92 sq mi (147.4 km2) 95.5
Willow Canyon Pima 1 0.33 sq mi (0.9 km2) 3.0
Willow Valley Mohave 1,062 4.97 sq mi (12.9 km2) 215.2 Fort Mojave
Window Rock Apache 2,712 5.28 sq mi (13.7 km2) 513.9 Navajo
Winslow West Coconino/Navajo 438 17.86 sq mi (46.3 km2) 24.5 Hopi[e]
Wintersburg Maricopa 136 0.50 sq mi (1.3 km2) 274.5
Wittmann Maricopa 763 0.95 sq mi (2.5 km2) 803.8
Woodruff Navajo 191 5.78 sq mi (15.0 km2) 33.1
Yarnell Yavapai 649 8.82 sq mi (22.8 km2) 73.5
York Greenlee 557 1.87 sq mi (4.8 km2) 298.3
Young Gila 666 47.82 sq mi (123.9 km2) 13.9
Yucca Mohave 126 2.24 sq mi (5.8 km2) 56.3

There are 15 counties in the state of Arizona. Four counties (Mohave, Pima, Yavapai and Yuma) were created in 1864 following the organization of the Arizona Territory in 1862. All but La Paz County were created by the time Arizona was granted statehood in 1912.

The names of many of the counties pay tribute to the state’s Native American heritage. Nine of the fifteen counties are named after various native groups that are resident in parts of what is now Arizona. Three of the other counties have Spanish names from the language of the early Hispanic explorers of Arizona: La Paz CountySanta Cruz County, and Pinal County. Another county, Graham County, is named for a physical feature, Mount Graham, with the final county,Greenlee County, being named after one of the state’s early pioneers.

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Arizona Cities and Towns…

1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon

 1000 Shangri La, Oak Creek Canyon

This home was purchased in 2008 as a foreclosure and it was updated throughout.  Since 2008:

  • new appliances
  • laminate wood flooring
  • extended decks
  • remodeled bathrooms (2)
  • added storage
  • painted exterior

This property was built in 1986 and when purchased in 2008 looked like this:

1000 Shangri La in 2008  1000 Shangri La in 2008 Oak Creek Canyon  1000 Shangri La in 2008 Oak Creek Canyon  1000 Shangri La in 2008 Oak Creek Canyon

This is what 1000 Shangri La Dr, Oak Creek Canyon, looks like today:

1000 Shangri La 2012 Oak Creek Canyon  1000 Shangri La, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, AZ  how2arizona real estate 1000 Shangri La, Sedona, AZ how2arizona real estate 1000 Shangri La, Sedona, AZ

The interior of this Oak Creek Canyon house:

1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon sedona AZ    1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ  1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ how2arizona real estate 1000 Shangri La, Oak Creek Canyon

how2arizona real estate 1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon  1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ    how2arizona real estate 1000 Shangri La, Sedona, AZ Oak Creek Canyon


1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ 1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ  1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ  1000 Shangri La Oak Creek Canyon Sedona AZ

At night you can hear the water running down the creekway…during the day you can hear the birds, watch the wildlife of deer, Javelina, and other assorted critters.


Possible Seller financing – be creative!

Other features of this property:

  • private well
  • sprinkler system
  • 2 bedrooms + loft
  • 2 bathrooms
  • laundry room
  • under house storage
  • RV parking space
  • single A/C unit in bedroom
  • tinted windows

Rancho Shangri La is located halfway between “The Trout Farm” and “Slide Rock State Park” along SR89A.

A bit of history:

Slide Rock State Park, originally the Pendley Homestead, is a 43-acre historical apple farm…. Frank L. Pendley, having arrived in the canyon in 1907, formally acquired the land under the Homestead Act in 1910. Due to his pioneering innovation, he succeeded where others failed by establishing a unique irrigation system still in use by the park today. This allowed Pendley to plant his first apple orchard in 1912, beginning the pattern of agricultural development that has dominated the site since that time. Pendley also grew garden produce and kept some livestock.

Historical weather of the area:  click here.

From Wikipedia:

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge located along the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. The canyon is often described as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because of its scenic beauty. State Route 89A enters the canyon on its north end via a series of hairpin turns before traversing the bottom of the canyon for about 13 miles (20.8 kilometers) until the highway enters the town of Sedona…

… is about 12 miles (19.2 km) long, ranging in width from 0.8 to 2.5 miles (1.3 to 4 km). The depth of the canyon ranges from 800-2,000 feet (240 to 600 meters). However, due to the faulting that played a major role in its formation, the west rim of the canyon is 700 feet (210 meters) higher than the east rim. The average elevation of the west rim is 7,200 feet (2,160 meters) while the east rim elevation is 6,500 feet (1,950 m)

Oak Creek, a tributary of the Verde River, flows along the bottom of the canyon, and is one of the few perennial streams in the high desert region of northern Arizona…”

Further up the road is West Fork, one of the most awesome places in the fall.  Reds, oranges, greens, chartreuses, dark greens…  But it has many, many hikers and visitors during the rest of the year.  Located just north of Sedona… West Fork is the most popular hiking trail in the Coconino National Forest and possibly the most scenic in Arizona. It is a perfect hiking trail in all seasons.

There’s so much more to tell you about this beautiful property… why not call Kathy Howe for a showing?

  • 928-274-4088 call or text me
  • for additional information 
Oak Creek Canyon 

Negative Home Equity State by State


Negative Home Equity

map courtesy of Corelogic Q3 2011 Report

Negative Home Equity

It appears that Arizona still has a way to go to recover from the housing market decline.  But the translation is that there may be many great buys for those who are looking for properties, either for use as principal residence, secondary residence, or investment.

From a report from, during the summer of 2011, shows that the “underwater” or negative home equity amount for Arizona homeowners averaged “$60,000″.  The real estate market in Sedona includes many short sales and foreclosures.  That is also true for most of the Verde Valley.

So now is the time for you to take advantage of buying a Sedona or Verde Valley property and begin a live of red rock vistas, small town living, and outdoor living throughout the year.

Negative Home Equity

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy   928-274-4088

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  • Buyer Broker Representative
  • Uptown Sedona Resident
  • Real Estate Educator – owner:  how2educate LLC
  • Maricopa County Court Volunteer Mediator

Negative Home Equity

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy


Uptown Sedona and West Fork

Map of Uptown Sedona, AZ

Map of Uptown Sedona, AZ



Uptown Sedona Homes for Sale

If you’re looking for a property for sale in one of the most stable neighborhoods in Sedona, give Kathy Howe a call:  928-274-4088.

Here are a few of our favorite Uptown listings:  Click here.

Here is the Sold information for Sedona areas, including Uptown:  Click here.


Area 41 includes Uptown.



This is the time to come to Sedona, enjoy the cool, brisk weather, hike Brins Mesa, stop at West Fork for a walk along Oak Creek while you “leaf-peep” the fall colors, stop at Junipine Resort for lunch, or call to see if you can dine at Garland’s Resort.

Fall in the Sedona area is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  From Jazz on the Rocks, the Plein Air Festival at the Sedona Art Center, Halloween on Main Street, start of the Sedona Chamber Music’s 29th season, and strolling through Tlaquepaque, you will sense and feel the serenity, peace, and sense of self that we residents feel all year round.

For more information about what to do while in Sedona, visit the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

Ladies:  Chico’s is at The Pinon Shops at the Hyatt in Uptown!

For hiking information, visit The Hike House, or venture out on your own.  To help you with hiking information, click here.  For Sedona Restaurants, try Picazzo’s, Heartline Cafe, The Coffee Pot Restaurant, the Hideaway, Ken’s Creekside, the Barking Frog, Shugrue’s, Javelina Cantina, Taos Grill, Hundred Rox at Amara, L’Auberge de Sedona, Canyon Breeze for dancing on the weekends… The Cowboy Club in Uptown features buffalo burgers and cactus fries…


This picture was taken 11-10-10 as part of Kathy’s annual fall walk along Oak Creek in West Fork.  She’s been doing it since the early ’70s and it only gets better every year.

More pictures of the West Fork area can be found at SedonaKathy’s website.

Once you have savored the tastes, smells, and sights of Sedona and the surrounding areas, consider making Sedona a permanent place for you to vacation by looking at possible second, third, or fourth homes.  If you really sense the beauty and peace of Sedona, consider this your new permanent residence.  Let Kathy show you properties throughout the Sedona area… it just might be the first day of the rest of your life!

“Kathy, again thank you, thank you for your encouragement and support in this process.  It’s more than a job to you and we appreciate your patience and overwhelming enthusiasm of Sedona.  That really sold us.  A building site in this area was not a consideration and being non AZ bumpkins we sort of had an idea of what we wanted but truly had no clue.  YOU sold the neighborhood and that is what we really wanted.  At this point in our lives, we don’t want to be secluded with a gorgeous view.  Uptown is close to most things we need and when we finally build and live there can investigate the rest depending on our needs.
Thank you Ms. Kathy.  Love ya”

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy 928-274-4088, is a resident of…

Uptown Sedona

Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Golf Resort Golf Course

Sedona Golf Resort Golf Course


Play Golf at the Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona in the fall is awesome!  Beautiful fall colors begin to dot the landscape.  The weather is clean and crisp.  The golf is outstanding!  And there are specials.  Grab your clubs and book a tee time at the Sedona Golf Resort.

Sedona Golf

The Sedona Golf Resort

A day of Sedona golf is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  When your game is over and you have a chance to look around, call Bert Berkshire to show you some of the properties for sale at the Sedona Golf Resort.  Bert has a great listing at 189 Ridge Rock Road.  It’s one of the best priced of the Sedona homes for sale in the area an it’s barely been lived in!  On a cul-de-sac…

Sedona Golf  Call Bert:  928-300-3523

Let Bert show you

The Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Golf

And spend some time at the Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa - then maybe head over to Tequa for dinner at one of the restaurants.

One of Sedona’s best restaurants can be found at Cucina Rustica.  One of the finest Italian restaurants in the area.

Shopping at the Outlet Mall…

Sedona Golf

Sedona’s Golf Resort area, located south of Sedona on SR179 is one-of-a-kind in vacation living.  Try it.  You won’t be disappointed.  The Resort is located near the Village of Oak Creek and its club house, tennis, and golf course.  The area is perfect for those who want to enjoy Arizona and avoid the big city life.  Two great areas for outdoor living.  Sedona golf is the best!

Try the Sedona Golf Resort



Owner May Carry Cornville AZ Land

1535 S Bent Creek, Cornville, AZ (2)

  Cornville AZ Land

1535 Bent Creek, Cornville AZ Land

Reduced to $75,000.

If you click on the address above you can go to the page that will play the video showing the views.  Then call Kathy for a showing:  928-274-4088.

 Cornville AZ Land

Cornville AZ Land  Bent Creek, Cornville AZ Land for sale

Cornville AZ Land

Cornville AZ Land

The owners will consider financing the property.  Negotiable.  Call Kathy Howe for the gate code before showing as the residents have a gate to keep out unnecessary traffic… a really great benefit of living in the area.  Yes, there are CC&Rs and restrictions on kind of house and size of house.  The area is unique and well maintained.

Cornville is considered Area 17 in the SVVAR MLS.  If you are looking for properties in Cornville or Page Springs, go to:  SVVAR MLS and put in 17 when asked “what area”.  Cornville AZ Land actives will be available to you.

1.94 acres

Information about Cornville, AZ

Call or text:  928-274-4088  Kathy Howe


how2arizona real estate LLC



kathy howe aka sedonakathy



Uptown Sedona Listings

Uptown sedona

Uptown Sedona Listings


Uptown Sedona listings

As of 11-27-11, there are 28 listings in Sedona Uptown’s area 41

We will only be listing those North of SR89A.  Call for those South of SR89A, along SR179, Brewer Rd, and along Cook’s Hill.  928-274-4088

Uptown Sedona listings

320 Ridge Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Uptown Sedona listings

  • $799,900
  • $166.3/sqft
  • 3beds/3.5 ba
  • 4810 sqft
  • .294 ac
  • Courtesy of Ed Pennington of Russ Lyon Sotheby Real Estate

Call Kathy Howe, buyer representative, and an Uptown resident:  928-274-4088 (call or text) or email

Uptown Sedona listings

 190 Purtymun Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

190 Purtymun Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

  • $705,000
  • 247.54/sqft
  • 3 bed/2ba
  • 2848 sqft
  • .41 acres
  • Courtesy of Karen Dunlap/Rick Wesselhoff, Coldwell Banker

Buyers Agent:  Kathy Howe  928-274-4088 / text  email:

how2arizona real estate LLC

Uptown Sedona listings

535 Sunset Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

Uptown Sedona listings

This is one of Kathy’s favorites… modestly priced and located blocks from Sedona Main Street on SR89A.

  • $279,000
  • $194.43/sqft
  • 2 bed/2 bath
  • 1435 sqft
  • .23 acres
  • Courtesy of Janice Latrell, Sedona Red Rock Realty
Buyers Agent:  Kathy Howe  928-274-4088 / text  email:
how2arizona real estate LLC
Uptown Sedona listings

26 Manzanita Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336

Uptown Sedona listingsKathy lives just a few blocks from this home, has shown it numerous times.  Large home with wonderful views.
  • $624,000  reduced to $599,900
  • $185.76/sqft
  • 3 bed/2.5 baths
  • 3364 sqft
  • .43 acres
  • Courtesy of Carol Pinciaro, Re/Max
  • on the market over 600 days (as on 11/27)
Buyers Agent:  Kathy Howe  928-274-4088 / text  email:
how2arizona real estate LLC
Uptown Sedona listings

595 Jordan Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Uptown Sedona listings

  • $387,900
  • $114.09/sqft
  • 4 bed/7 ba (previously a Bed & Breakfast)
  • 3400 sqft
  • 12197 sqft lot
  • Courtesy of Andrew Meyer, Re/Max Peak Properties Flagstaff

Call, text, or email Kathy Howe for more information or to schedule a showing:  928-274-4088.   Kathy represents buyers as a buyer representative, teaches real estate, and is available to assist you in choosing a property.

Uptown Sedona listings
Uptown Sedona listings

385 East Ridge Road, Sedona, AZ 86336

Uptown Sedona listings

  • $419,000
  • $212.85/sqft
  • 2 bed/1.75 baths
  • 1985 sqft
  • .253 acres
  • Courtesy of Ron Volkman at Ron Volkman Realty
  • on the market for 301 days (as of 11/27)
Buyers Agent:  Kathy Howe  928-274-4088 / text  email:
how2arizona real estate LLC

More Uptown Sedona listings to come…Uptown Sedona listings

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy

Kathy lives, works, plays, and serves on the Board of Directors of Uptown Sedona’s Main Street Program.  Uptown is the original center of Sedona with historical information, the Jordan Park Heritage Museum, trail heads, views, shopping, restaurants, and is part of the Gallery district.

Uptown Sedona Homes for Sale

Uptown Sedona Listings


Real Estate Tech Office of Today


Read more

Arizona Water Company 2010 Quality Report

Water Quality Report

water quality

Water Quality Report



If you live in Sedona, AZ, you will be served by a private water company.  See our related post.  Knowing and understanding the potential health affects of Sedona’s drinking and bathing water should be investigated prior to purchasing property in Arizona, particularly if you are purchasing a property that has a well or if you are planning to drill a well.  Water quality is important.

Here is a report concerning the new Arizona Water Company surcharge and its relevance to new arsenic standards.

Arsenic levels in the US.

EPA’s Arsenic Information:  Click here.

EPA’s drinking water quality standards:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for inorganic arsenic in drinking water at 0.05 mg/L (mg/L = parts per million or ppm). Drinking water that meets the current standard is associated with little or no risk and should be considered safe with respect to arsenic. However, this standard is currently under review and the MCL may be decreased in the future.”

Arsenic Arizona Water Quality

Removal of arsenic:  ”The most reliable water treatment processes for arsenic removal are reverse osmosis and distillation. Of the two processes, reverse osmosis devices are less costly, take less time, and use less energy than distillation devices. Reverse osmosis devices can be installed at the point of entry (for the entire household water supply) or for drinking water only. Treating all of the household water will be considerably more expensive than treating drinking water only. Many water treatment companies sell or rent reverse osmosis devices and offer maintainence agreements.”

Click here for the Coconino Water Quality Report (including Sedona) which rates Sedona 6 out of 10.  Many options are available to improve your water quality and remove arsenic and we have listed but a few resources in this post.  A starting place.  Before you purchase, do your independent research.

FYI.  If you have a septic system or an alternative waste system, check with experts on what affect the filtration system might have on the waste facility.  Depending on who you talk to or which side of the issue you read, there will be many varied opinions.  One thing that does seem to be common: raising the salt water discharge into the waste system may upset the ph level necessary for the bacteria do do their job.  Ask an expert.

water quality

water quality


From the Arizona Department of Health Services comes this brochure on arsenic in Arizona. Click here.

From the University of Arizona comes this water quality warning (especially if you are going to own or drill a well):

  • Determine if you have an Arsenic problem
  • Research the technology….will it handle your Arsenic problem?
  • Contact a responsible, ethical vendor/provider and discuss your needs.
  • Get an estimate of costs……water chemistry testing by vendor,
  • installation, routine periodic maintenance and monitoring…… writing.
  • Periodically have your treated water “product” tested by an independent,
  • certified lab to be sure your technology does what it claims to do

And then:

  • Test your well water regularly….including Arsenic
  • Determine the level of Arsenic contamination and what is your exposure level to Arsenic.
  • If you are experiencing any health problems which could be caused by excessive exposure to Arsenic…. consult your family physician or Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • If your well water Arsenic tests exceed 10ppb, stop drinking it…move to a safer source of water for drinking and cooking while you come up with a plan

The full report: click here.

Contact numbers:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality 3033 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012 1–800–234–5677 ext 4536 1–602–207–4536

From the EPA, more Arizona phone numbers:  Click here.

Kathy Howe

Owner/Broker how2arizona real estate LLC

  • 928-274-4088


Not Everything Did I Learn In Kindergarten


The REALTOR(r) Code of Ethics

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure of attending one of the best real estate continuing education classes ever. 25 years. The class was put on by Lin Ferrara of Eagle University, First American Title, and featured Bill Gray of Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, along with our very own, Jim Sexton, of John Hall. The class was “The Code Rules” with a certificate for 3 hours of Commissioner’s Standards. It didn’t stop there! That same class gave all REALTOR® attendees their “Quadrennial Code of Ethics Training”…yes! Double value!  REALTORS(r) rock!!


So what did I learn other than what I learned in kindergarten?

First, we need to review that insightful poem by Robert Fulghum which was read by Jim Sexton at the closing of the class:
  • “…
  •  Share everything
  •  Play fair
  •  Don’t hit people
  •  Put things back where you found them
  •  Clean up your own mess
  •  Don’t take things that aren’t yours
  •  Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody
  •  Wash your hands before you eat
  •  Flush
  •  Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you
  •  Live a balanced life
  •  Learn some and think some
  •  And draw and paint and sing and dance
  •  And play and work everyday some
  •  Take a nap every afternoon
  •  When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic
  •  Hold hands and stick together
  •  Be aware of wonder

“Be aware of wonder.” My personal favorite.

After 25 years in the real estate business as a REALTOR(r), salesperson, a broker, a trainer, an educator, a past member of the Arizona Real Estate Advisory Board, and an ardent believer that “if you can dream it, you can do it!”, I was profoundly moved and reminded of what professionalism means through the REALTOR(r) Code of Ethics and our Arizona statutes and rules.

The REALTOR(r) Code of Ethics

What did I learn?

Article 1: I should never use the term “free” when I advertise my buyer-broker-value to a prospective client. Nothing in life is “free”.
Article 2: I must disclose what I know about my listing, but I am not required to investigate beyond my “standard of care”. Apparent is something I can see. Latent is different.
Article 3: If I am not a member of a board/association, I must contact the listing agent before showing a property to see if the listing agent will be cooperative with me and pay me (written agreement for commission). Until we have a statewide MLS, I could work for “free” if I’m not careful.
Note:  I must understand what a variable rate commission means and alert other brokers to put on their “best game” if I represent the seller, and a buyer, at a reduced commission, in a multiple offer situation.
Article 4: I must disclose any interest I have or any interest my family has in a property. If I can’t legally marry them (or remarry them), I should disclose them.
Article 5: If I want to purchase a property so I can “flip” it, I should not undervalue it if asked by the seller to give it a value. “Flipping” is okay. Under-puffing the goods is not.
Article 6: I must disclose the $xx “bonus” I get from the home warranty company for selling or giving a home warranty at closing.
Article 7: I must get the approval of my buyer for my broker to receive a “bonus” from the listing broker if my buyer buys the listed property.
Article 8: I must follow my broker’s office policies about earnest deposits and not keep client cash or checks in my desk drawer. I must turn over these monies to my broker to keep in the broker trust account so the broker can account for these monies to the client, deposit them with an escrow company Better than me losing the cash or the checks!!
Article 9: I must leave you, my client, with a copy of any agreements, so I will email the pdf file to you after we have written and signed it. Digital is great! Save a tree! We all have digital abilities through ZipForms, eSignatures, and the Internet. Life is good.
Article 10: I must never discriminate. If you are red, yellow, black, brown, green, single with children, gay, lesbian, Irish, Jewish, male or female, legally blind or different from me, I should find you a house (and treat you all equally)
Article 11: I will continue not to do certain types of real estate, like business broker biz or property management, because I don’t give it my best. I will refer business if I cannot properly service a client according to the standard of care. I will let my client know that we will do things differently if I cannot be as good as I can be. I want Christmas cards every year.
Article 12: If I advertise “free” anything, I need to explain the terms and conditions. “Free, but…”
Article 13: I should not overstep my 26th AZ Constitution Amendment abilities by giving legal advice on issues that I do not have expertise on, in, or around. Attorneys are good.
Article 14: If I am accused of being a bad REALTOR®, I’ll participate in the process so I can show I’m a good REALTOR®.
Article 15: Don’t talk “stink” about competitors. Don’t leave verbal cleat marks on the backs of competitors to get a listing or gain a buyer.
Article 16: I can go door-to-door with door hangers and put them on a door with a sign on the property if I am doing all doors in the area. It’s like mailing postcards…
Article 17: If I cannot get along with, disagree with, or am having a dispute with, another REALTOR®, I will submit it to the REALTOR® family to settle.
I learned that the reason I am still in real estate, and a REALTOR(r), after 25 years is because of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and because of those of you who were in the class. We learn, participate, and teach others, and in doing so, raise the bar of professionalism.
We are a profession.  I am proud to be a member of the real estate profession.

Kathy Howe, Owner/Broker  (proud REALTOR)REALTOR

  • how2arizona real estate LLC
  • 450 Jordan Road   “C”
  • Sedona, AZ 86336
  • 928-274-4088
REALTOR(R) member of the Sedona Main Street Program in Uptown and resident of the Uptown area.

“As Is” Means “Buyer Beware”

as is

Are you thinking of purchasing a home? It’s a great time to buy!

“As Is” = “Buyer Beware”

Know that if you are going to purchase a foreclosure or a “short sale”, you will be required to sign an “as is” addendum. That addendum may be a bank-attorney drafted “as is” paragraph in the purchase contract addendum, or it could be the Arizona Association of REALTORS(R) “as is” addendum.

Whichever, you need to give some thought to what the “as is” addendum means.

Is “as is” just a statement that the Seller is not going to pay for repairs?

No. Absolutely not.

  • It’s about you taking the property in its current condition.
  • It’s about you not getting any warranties.
  • It’s about the Seller having to disclose all material latent defects.
  • It’s about the Seller having to give you time for inspections.
  • It’s about you doing inspections.
  • It’s about you checking and rechecking information.
  • It’s about you having to pay for repairs that are normally costs of the Seller.

Your Buyer’s agent will give you direction about city, county, state officials to contact. The HOA, homeowner association, information will be made available to you and you should talk with them and the neighbors. Be sure to ask for the “pickiest” home inspector. Yes. Without any Seller disclosure on a foreclosure, you want an inspection that addresses everything. You want an inspector who tells you the “good, bad, and the ugly.”

Arizona’s Home Inspectors are certified, but there are still A, A+, and “B” inspectors. Ask your agent for names of 3 inspectors and spend the time to interview them. Don’t be blown away by a huge binder with lots of paper, but rather look at the background of the inspector, and ask for references.

“As Is”

More information can be obtained about the language of the purchase contract and the “as is” addendum in a post at how2educate’s website.  Click here.

The more you know about “as is”, the better your buying experience.

While you are looking for Sedona, Verde Valley, Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottononwood, Cornville, Village of Oak Creek, or Sedona Golf Resort properties for sale, you’ll give us a call.  We can assist you with “as is” property conditions.

Kathy Howe  Owner/Broker  928-274-4088

as is

Sedona “as is” properties for sale include foreclosures, short sales, and traditional sales.

Coconino County Septic System Worksheet

Coconino County Alternative Waste Disposal System worksheet when sewer hook-up is not available.

Use this worksheet when trying to decide what size waste system you will need when your build your dream home.

Coconino County

One note to be concerned with is the notation that in Coconino County, any room that is 70 square feet is considered a bedroom for the purpose of computing septic or alternative waste system size.

Whether you purchase one of the many Sedona homes, lots, or properties for sale in the Uptown, Palisades, Chapel Area, the Coconino County Rules will prevail.  See the map bifurcating Sedona into 2 separate counties:  Coconino County and Yavapai County.  The City of Sedona has its rules as well.

Coconino County


Consulting with your contractor about the need for a good engineer when you build your dream home, or consulting with the engineer before you decide to remodel the dream home you have purchased will go along way in saving you money if you do not have sewer hook-up.

Procedures for your Coconino County site evaluation.

Coconino County remodel or addition requirements.

If you are purchasing a Sedona home for sale, it is wise to ask the listing agent for a copy of the Coconino County alternative waste disposal system approval.  There’s a lot of information to gain and you may wish to know about the system before you purchase rather than finding yourself in the middle of a due diligence period without time to understand the system and what it will cost to maintain.

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy

  • how2arizona real estate LLC
  • 450 Jordan Rd “C”, Sedona, AZ 86336
  • 928-274-4088

Proud resident of Uptown Sedona (Coconino County)

Find Criminals Living Near You

A website that shows you criminals, felons, living near you…

criminalsWhen buyers are looking for properties to purchase, they seldom look at the makeup of the neighbors or the neighborhood until the inspection period.  Many times the concern is only for child molesters.  Criminals and felons?  Not often do buyers know where to search and Police Departments do not usually make the information available.  Crime rates, yes.  The addresses of criminals, no.  Click here.  Find felons living near you, friends, family…

We don’t know the accuracy of the information derived from this site, but it does have more information than most websites givecriminals prospective buyers about criminals.

Click here for Arizona Sex Offender Locator

Phoenix Criminals Arrest Website

Determining the neighborhood that works for you is important; and, it is very important to you to know if criminals might be close by.  Some offenders may be of little consequences, but some, such as rapists or pedophiles may make a difference to your decision to purchase.

How does Sedona rank with criminals and their activity as compared to Arizona and the US?  Below both.



Investigate your neighborhood before you purchase.  Under the AAR residential purchase contract, there is a 10 day inspection period which includes the physical inspection of the property and the all-round due diligence connected with the property.  Time and comprehensive due diligence is important.  Be sure to check out your soon-to-be new neighborhood.

Sedona City Government:  Click here.  Criminals and burglary.

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Criminals and websites are ever changing.  We deem the information contained through these links about criminals and locations to be correct as provided by the source.

City of Sedona Information and Phone Numbers

Need to find out something from the City of Sedona?

Here’s a brochure!  Hope you find what you need from the City of Sedona!

If you need the website:

City of Sedona

City of Sedona

City of SedonaCity of Sedona

For those of you who see coyotes and are concerned for your pets, just call the City of Sedona animal control officer who will put you in touch with the Game and Fish officer who will determine what action needs to be taken.

If you have a neighbor who allows his/her dog to bark, contact the City of Sedona animal control officer who will enforce the ordinance and give you some peace and quiet.

Before you remodel, contact the City of Sedona department of planning and zoning.

Remember that the City of Sedona does not allow short term rentals.  That’s right.  No rentals shorter than 30 days.

Need to know about sewer hook-ups?  Call the City of Sedona.

Real Estate Agents:  Do not put Open House signs in the ADOT or City of Sedona right-of-way.  You may lose your sign.

Do you have a guest house and are renting it out?  Be sure to contact the City of Sedona about ADUs.

While the City of Sedona has restrictions against removal of certain trees, the Sedona Fire Department, during and after the Brin’s Fire of 2006, has asked all homeowners to have a 30 ft clearance of vegetation around their property.  To be certain you are within your rights to remove a tree, contact the City of Sedona and the Sedona Fire Department.

Paint colors are regulated by HOAs and the City of Sedona.  Before painting, go down to the City for a look at the different colors that are approved.

For any problems of a need for information, call the City of Sedona offices.

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