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Sedona history


Sedona historySedona History

…a peaceful town settled in the foothills, below the Mogollon Rim, and it’s beauty is reflected by the surrounding red rocks.

Sedona history shows “Uptown Sedona”, located in Coconino County as the original settlement area; and, West Sedona, located in Yavapai County, the newer area.  After the Library and City Hall moved to West Sedona, the city began a population shift and growth of both residential and commercial areas.


Our pioneers were farmers who grew apples, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables along Oak Creek.


T.C. Schnebly and his wife Sedona had 80 acres with a home/hotel located on Oak Creek where Tlaquepaque and Los Abrigodas now stand.  In need of a post office, T.C. submitted several names to the US Postmaster for acceptance, but they were considered to be too long.  The 3rd suggestion was “Sedona” which was accepted in June of 1902.

The Jordan family’s history is preserved in Uptown at the Sedona Heritage Museum in Jordan Park.

150 years ago, Oak Creek Canyon was the world to a small handful of our early settlers; and today, the City estimates we entertain 2-4 million visitors a year who come to our community and drive SR89A up Oak Creek Canyon.  That’s a big number for a city with only 10,000 year-round residents!


High temps, low temps, and rain
Sedona Temperatures Rain










Sedona history

Incorporation came in 1988 and the city elected a Mayor and City Councilors to work with the City Manager and staff.



Coconino County envelopes Oak Creek Canyon, Uptown (west to the middle of Cook’s Hill, SR89A), and SR179 past the Chapel area, with West Sedona in Yavapai County ( Yavapai County is the home of Prescott and Prescott Valley).

From the City of Sedona:  “Until 1988, government in Sedona was divided between Coconino and Yavapai Counties. Local people wished to have more control over local affairs, and an incorporation drive was started. In December 1987, an election was held and the majority of the people approved incorporation. This was implemented in January 1988, with June Cornelison as the first appointed mayor.”

Sedona history

And did you know that not that long ago, West Sedona was known as “Grasshopper Flats”?  See this 1981 map, compliments of Jean Kielblock, one of the earlier real estate brokers who subsequently owned and operated Sedona Realty until she sold it in 2008.  Enjoy the changes.  Enjoy the memories.

Sedona history


This map shows the Sedona history of 2 counties.

Yavapai & Coconino Counties Sedona

Uptwn is in Coconino County…West Sedona is in Yavapai County.  the line is drawn North to South, just east of Airport Rd.

The Airport is located on a high mesa and has a great history of movie moguls, movie stars,corporate CEOs and pilots with wanderlust who have taken off and landed on one of the most beautiful and picturesque airports in the world.  Today it is still used by bi-planes and small jets as well.  Though not commercial, the airport is a pilot’s dream for beauty and a feeling of self.

Airport Mesa Sedona



  • The year round population of Sedona is approximately 10,000 (census 2010).
  • The elevation of Sedona is approximately 4,350ft (at Town Hall).
  • Sedona has almost 19 square miles, 51% of which are owned by private land owners, while the rest belongs to Coconino National Forest!
  • The highest point in Sedona is approximately 5,600ft (Coffee Pot Rock), and the lowest point in Sedona is approximately 4,000ft (Oak Creek, Back O’ Beyond Rd).
  • The average age is 50.
  • We have anywhere from 2 to 4 million tourists per year.


For more information about the Sedona History, go to the City of Sedona’s official website:  click here.

Many people believe that the Village of Oak Creek and the Hilton are located in the city…not so.

VOCA is the “Village of Oak Creek Association” and “VOCA is comprised of 25 subdivisions with 2,300+ households”.  To find out more about the Village of Oak Creek and its association, click here.  For a map of the area, click here.

big park village of oak creek az

Both the Hilton and the Village of Oak Creek are in an unincorporated area along SR179, to the south, and  both enjoy the  zipcode of 86351.  We are happy to have them as our cousins!

Sedona history


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